Recommended Resources

Dietary Resources:

Here are a list of resources that I have found helpful as a mom dealing with my child’s food allergies. I hope it these will be helpful for others as well.

CHOC is for kids that are on a 6 food elimination diet for a completely different diagnosis than many kids with food allergies. However, the nutritional guidelines and food ideas can be extremely helpful. Below are some examples of helpful links from this site:

Sample Nutrition Guideline for 1200 Calorie Diet

Nutritional Guideline Ages 1-3

Wheat-free Alternatives

My personal recommendation would also be to please see your doctor and ask to be scheduled with Pediatric Gastroenterology. There is a ton of false information out there and no one could give us answers for my daughter’s specific issues until we finally saw pediatric GI. Once we had an understanding of the situation from GI, we were exponentially more prepared to face it head on. No more experimenting at my daughter’s expense.

Our home remedies:

  • Honey for cough. A¬†teaspoon of honey a couple times during the day can also significantly ease a cough.
  • Chamomile tea with honey to help kids sleep when they are sick.
  • We have used chamomile from age 1 with my daughter with good results.¬†
  • Mint tea with honey for headache. The placebo effect is very powerful for kids with headaches, this is our “medicine” for headaches.
  • Chamomile & mint tea for a bad headache. It will make them tired during the day but if the headache is bad enough, we still use it. Great for nighttime.
  • Daily B2 for migraines. Please ask your doctor for amounts. We use 50mg B2 powder in a smoothie every day for our 2-3 year old who was struggling with daily migraines, and she is mostly headache free. But when we go a few days without it, her headaches start back up again.


Resources for skin allergies or sensitive skin:

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve

Bend Soap Company

Honest Diapers We do not use their wipes, but their diapers are life-saving if your child has sensitive skin or skin allergies. Target has the best value and a rewards system with these diapers so you can get money off.

Our Favorite Cloth Diapers: LBB Wegreeco

Homemade Wipes Recipe  This is a simple recipe, easy to do at home. I left out the aloe vera, used olive oil Castile soap without all the added ingredients, added a couple drops of vitamin E oil to act as a preservative, and kept these in a glass container with a sealed lid.