Unheard Screams

What’s wrong mommy? Where’s the music? Why aren’t you talking?

Wait! Why can’t I–gasp–breathe?

Help! Mommy! Can’t–gasp–breathe!

Something is pulling my arm! Crack

OHH, it hurts! Labored breath. Please! My leg! Writhing jerk

I can’t hear your voice Mommy! Wheeze

Where are you? Groan

Can’t–gasp–move. Choke

Can’t–gasp–feel. Convulsing


“Get out of me.”


(An unpublished 53-word story)

Windows to the Soul

A look, a smile, an inner connection with no words exchanged. We learn in school that our mouth is responsible for talking, and it is. Yet, before our mouths open, our eyes have long been engaged. The windows to our souls are pouring out how we feel. Their message is louder, more powerful, longer-lasting than words. 

Even a quick glance as we walk past others is a language in itself. Admiring a hairstyle is taken as a compliment or a friendly gesture, producing a smile. A look of indifference or disdain of the opposite sex burns into the “hey I’m interested” eyes of an onlooker and forces a smoldering head turn. I’m friendly. Bubbly. I’m not in the mood. I’m hurting. I’m naive. 

As a woman peering out of her window, visible enough only to reveal part of her frame, people around us will always see pieces of who we are. Sometimes those pieces are not fully understood. Sometimes they appear to be bigger or smaller, lighter or darker than they are inside. Onlookers wonder, why is she watching out her window? Why is she dressed like that?

Yet she waits, peering out, for the moment when someone asks to come in and she can reveal herself. 

Windows can be deceiving. Sometimes there is an illusion of a figure waving, but it is merely a reflection or a shadow. Sometimes the woman can be seen clearly, but only in part. Only one side is there for all to see. The rest of her is hidden, distant. 

A look can begin a friendship or stop a conversation before it ever starts. Kindred spirits can each see inside the open windows of the other. Instant knowledge. Knowledge of something inside that forms a bond far deeper than words could ever build. Opposites see a threat, danger lurking inside the soul. Uninviting shadows that haunt them long after they peered into them. 

We all wear our hearts on our sleeves. What is without, proceeds from within. We fight it, we deny it. We consider ourselves to be talented poker players, jokers. We try to show others what we want them to see. Yet there is always just enough of us on display that everyone gazes upon a shape, or maybe a distorted image, but always pieces of who we are.

Cold Remedy for Toddlers

What is the most annoying part of having a toddler–other than having a walking source of every type of germ out there and the resulting sicknesses that inevitably follow?  Treating those sicknesses!  Anyone with young kids can attest to the fact that having a sick child is rough.  With sleepless nights, a child that wants to be held constantly, and no childcare, it can be quite exhausting.  And if you have a paranoid family like ours, you may also get excluded and uninvited from anything and everything for at least a week (sometimes 2 or 3). But I digress.

So, after surviving pretty much every illness out there in these last few months, I decided to write about what works best for us. Our tried and true treatment in so many circumstances for our 2 year old (since she turned 1) has simply been: Chamomile tea with a little honey.

My daughter came down with hand foot and mouth disease a few months ago and she was miserable. She wouldn’t eat (not to mention she had just recovered from a GI bug), she would hardly drink, and she was waking up in the night hurting.  So, as we do with most illnesses, I pulled out the chamomile.

To make her “tea,” as my daughter calls it, I use just enough water to cover the chamomile bag (or tea holder if you have the flowers), and about 1/2 tsp of honey.  I steep the tea bag for at least 2 minutes, mix in the honey, and then I pour about twice the amount of rice milk–enough to cool the tea down to warm instead of hot, and to mask some of the flavor.  My daughter loves her “tea” when she’s sick.  She will actually ask for it throughout the day. And, low and behold, the chamomile helps tremendously with HFMD! It is soothing and helps her sleep through the night.

After recovering from HFMD and once people were finally willing to see us again, our poor child came down with the nasty coughing cold virus that seems to be making its rounds this year.  Coughing is rough with a toddler.  Not only are they not quite old enough to take cough medicine, but they also (for the most part) do not yet know how to blow their nose well enough to clear the mucous out and slow down the cough. And a nose bulb or even a nose frida can only help to a limited extent.

Chamomile and honey, however, is a tremendous natural remedy for a cough.  During the worst of the cold, I gave my daughter chamomile tea a few times a day. I made it weaker during the day than at night, but it worked just as well.  We saw an UNMISTAKABLE difference in her cough.  Everyone around us who had this cold had a horrible cough–and don’t get me wrong, my daughter had quite the cough as well.  However, for the 2 weeks that the cold lasted, EVERY time I gave her tea, the amount of coughing drastically slowed down.  When I was not able to give her the tea every few hours, without fail, the cough came back with a vengeance.

At one point, I tried a few other methods to help her cough, thinking maybe I should chill out with the chamomile.  I tried just honey.  I tried Zarbee’s (which is basically just honey anyway).  None of it worked. The honey may have helped a tiny bit, but the Zarbee’s was useless in our case.  But after my daughter’s doctor recommended continuing to use chamomile, we went back to our tried and true method; and as usual, it worked. She slept through the night, and she was able to make it through the day without much coughing.

I truly find it amazing that we have been given this plant that is so soothing for a little one, when they are too young for medicine.  Without this little help, we would have had a MUCH harder time! It’s the little things… Those little blessings.

Other than just colds, however, chamomile is a HUGE help with headaches and teething pain as well. With allergies at 2, my daughter gets allergic conjunctivitis, stuffiness, and the accompanying sinus headaches fairly often at times.  Now, chamomile is not a cure all, so it obviously does not help with a stuffy nose or conjunctivitis; there are other methods to ease those symptoms, such as nose cleaning with saline and eye drops. But nothing helps my daughter’s headaches as much as chamomile tea.

We have recently had a few nights where my daughter was lying in bed crying, saying her eyes and her head hurt.  We try giving her Tylenol, but she just can’t get to sleep. She tries. And then she cries again. But when we give her chamomile with Tylenol, she is always able to fall asleep.  The same has applied to teething pain.  After my daughter turned 1 (when it was safe to use honey), we realized how great a help chamomile could be to help her sleep, and it has been our go to for nighttime teething for quite some time.

DISCLAIMER: Chamomile has worked great for us, and has been approved by my daughter’s doctor for use. However, there are varying opinions on its use and the safety of it.  So please ensure that your child’s doctor is aware of your decision to try using it, and please understand that I am only writing based on personal experience, I do not claim any medical expertise in the matter.  But if you are able to confidently use chamomile for your little one, it is a very helpful tool for your toolbox!

Give it a try, and please share your experience if it helps!


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Have Skin Allergies? Like “Natural” Products? Try This

You or your little one have skin allergies?  Sensitive skin? Scalp psoriasis or eczema?  Well, we have all of the above problems in our household and I have FINALLY found a soap/shampoo that is great for all of our issues, so I had to share this!

I do not participate in promoting products, especially not for any sort of profit–would be nice, but that is not what this article is about. I am, however, VERY excited about this gem in the ruff that I have recently found!  And being a parent of a child with multiple allergies, I know how absolutely frustrating it can be to try and find things for our little ones, so I am hoping others with the same problem will find this information helpful.

My daughter has skin allergies to coconut, fragrance, and a few highly used preservatives that happen to be in EVERYTHING that is labeled “baby”.  The “all-naturals” and “natural fragrance” make no difference. Fragrance is fragrance and most of the “natural” shampoos, soaps, lotion, etc. have the same preservative(s) as about 99% of the rest of them out there.  So, finding a body wash/shampoo for my daughter has been extremely frustrating!!

In a desperate attempt to find SOMETHING that I could bathe my daughter with that cause a rash (some rashes are mild, but it is still obviously irritating her skin), I thought maybe I would have to resort to making my own.

Now let’s get one thing out of the way: I am NOT one of those, buy all natural, eat organic, blah blah people. I like my synthetic things, thank you very much.  And I gladly buy regular produce because I would rather the unlikely stated risks associated with those than to have the risk of salmonella from eating cow poop left over on organically fertilized veggies and fruits.  Call me crazy, that’s fine. We all have our opinions, and ultimately, we all live, we all die, we all end up with health problems. Medical claims, science, and pretty much knowledge in general is always changing, so I personally choose not to rely solely on any one thought or mindset.

That being said, I do have very sensitive skin, and I get a VERY itchy scalp with many different shampoos. My husband and I both occasionally get eczema rashes–could it be from synthetic product use?  Maybe. Or maybe it’s genetics. Or maybe I’m just not nourishing my gut bacteria and calling them by name, so they got mad and took it out on my body. Who knows. I digress.  BUT, as I was searching the myriad of crazy opinions and directions out there on how to make a shampoo and getting lost in the Google abyss of useless knowledge, I stumbled across Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve.  

Now, I will say, if you ARE into all the “all-natural”, “back to nature” stuff, you are seriously missing out if you have not found this store!  I have read a lot of labels because my daughter’s allergies warrant it, and seriously, most of the so-called natural stuff really is not what they claim it is because the very preservative that my daughter is allergic to is still in many of them. If it isn’t that, they have coconut, fragrance, or a combination thereof, so they just don’t work for us.

However, I was highly surprised and utterly fascinated by what I found at Chagrin Soap and Salve.  They seriously just use simple ingredients that anyone can identify, no preservatives, and they have a fragrance free and coconut free selection.  Seriously, I couldn’t ask for more!  Did I mention I am utterly fascinated at how simple their ingredients list is? I had no idea that making shampoo and soap could be limited to so few things that are just so.. normal. Fascinating.

So, I ordered a shampoo bar and soap for my daughter.  The samples are very inexpensive, nice sized, and surprisingly easy to lather up, so they should last a good little while for my 2 year old.

After trialing this with my daughter, I must say, I couldn’t believe how great it works! Having a shampoo bar is a little weird if you are not accustomed to it, but I really do not care as long as it works well for my daughter!  And so far, we have had great results with this soap and shampoo!

Here are the ones we ordered:



And the ingredients list:


So, this store already became a life saver for me since the soap and shampoo are inexpensive AND work great for my daughter–and seriously, anyone who has a child with lots of allergies knows how frustrating and time consuming it can be just to get by–but to take this a step further; it also works great for the rest of us!

Now, I won’t lie, I tried this shampoo bar as a skeptic. I only used it because I like to try out whatever my daughter is using on myself as well.  But I had a pretty bad flare up on my scalp the day (and for a few days before) I tried out this shampoo bar from Chagrin Valley, and to my unexpected surprise, my scalp LITERALLY stopped itching after I used it.  Not to mention, it works really great on my hair.  And I am not exaggerating. My scalp is fine. Fine. That NEVER happens during a flare up.  I will be ordering more for myself now.

Bottom line: I am not a crazy believer in these products (or any for that matter) as a cure all for whatever issue anyone may have, but for our families issues, I was very pleasantly surprised and I did not expect to like using their products myself. I only bought them originally for my daughter.

So, if you are looking for allergy-friendly soap and shampoo, or if you like the more natural approach and are looking for the simplest ingredients you can find in a product that works really well, you HAVE TO check out this store!  I am highly surprised that they are not more popular than they currently are.

Here is a link to their site: Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

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Rickets: Is Your Child At Risk?

Like most moms whose children have food allergies, I am always trying to make sure that the limited foods my daughter eats are nutritious enough to make up for the foods she cannot have. For this reason, we met with a dietitian, and I have continued to experiment with many recipes to try and make foods my daughter can not only eat, but enjoy–hence the reason that I blog and share what I have learned.

But one very important piece has been lacking in my daughter’s diet puzzle; something I did not know about, and our dietitian did not even mention to us. Of all the doctor’s we have seen, it was Dr. Google–of all places–that finally brought up the importance of vitamin D and Calcium in a child’s diet, and the consequences when these needs are not met. I found this out after my daughter began complaining about pain in her knees, and then woke up screaming and crying in pain, holding onto her knees.


What Is Rickets?

According to the American Family Physician’s website, “Rickets is a bone problem that affects children. It happens when your child’s bones do not form correctly. Rickets can make your child’s bones hurt, and the bones can bend and break easily”. And it affects many kids in the knees.

The cause, according to the same site, can either be genetic or due to a nutritional deficiency–specifically of vitamin D and calcium. Nutritional rickets can presumably be treated by fixing a child’s diet, but that of course would take time while your child is in pain. So, it is obviously best to just try to avoid it in the first place.


How Can I Prevent My Child From Getting Rickets?

If there is a family history of rickets, I do not have an answer for that. But if your child is on a special diet and cannot have things like dairy and eggs, then it is very important to ensure that your child has enough calcium and vitamin D.

Some allergy-friendly sources of calcium according to Webmd, include spinach, kale, okra, collard greens, salmon and other fish, white beans, fortified orange juice, and cereals fortified with calcium (and vitamin D).

Allergy friendly sources of vitamin D are harder to come by, however. Dairy and eggs are the main sources other than the sun for most children. But for a child like mine with developmental allergic colitis, who cannot have dairy or eggs, the sources are very limited. The only allergy friendly sources of vitamin D that I have found are salmon, shrimp, fortified orange juice, and fortified rice milk.


Take Away Lessons

So, if your child has food allergies, should you be concerned about rickets? Well, I like to go by the “better safe than sorry” motto. My daughter’s doctor believes she is a little young to be experiencing growing pains, but since vitamin deficient rickets is cured by diet change anyway, we are giving it time to get better before going any further medically.

But that woke me up to the reality of how important it is to make sure your child has a balanced diet; and that scared me. The last thing any of us want is for our children to be in pain or to have serious health issues. If my daughter did not have food allergies, I would not have to worry about this because milk and eggs for breakfast and cheese sticks for snacks would fill most of the nutritional needs that she is now lacking.

But when a child has food allergies, essential nutrients become much more of a reality, and it is imperative that parents think outside that box and provide their child with the things they need to grow and develop normally. It is a lot of work. It takes a lot of planning. It is not easy. But our children are worth it. And if you need ideas to get these important vitamins (and others) in your child’s diet, please keep reading and check our my other blogs with recipes and information.


Toddler Food Ideas Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D

These are foods things that I now make sure my daughter gets:

  • Fortified rice milk at least a couple times a day
  • Fortified orange juice in the morning with breakfast
  • Salmon at least twice a week
    • See my recipe for salmon tacos here.
    • Salmon is great because it is also high in fat, which is so important for a growing child, and unlike many types of fish, it is low in mercury.
  • Fried shrimp a few times a month
    • Bread thawed, raw shrimp in GF all-purpose flour mixed with fair amounts of Old Bay seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper for flavoring. Fry in avocado or canola oil.
  • Fried okra at least once a week.
    • Bread halfway frozen okra okra with GF all-purpose flour & cornmeal (3-1 ratio), mixed with a fair amount of onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika. You will not need an egg-replacer because the okra itself is slimy. And if it is only halfway thawed, it will be just slimy enough for the breading to stick, but not so slimy that it makes a mess. Fry in avocado or canola oil.
    • My daughter will eat fried okra dipped in (allergy friendly) ranch like she’s eating Pringles; she can’t stop.
  • Spinach and other leafy greens at least 3 times a week.
    • I add spinach and romaine or other lettuce to all of her tacos and wraps. And since she cannot have normal bread, she eats tacos and wraps regularly throughout the week.
    • Another way to add leafy greens is to add them in a soup. Try my Winter Comfort Soup and replace half of the Swiss chard with spinach (or all of it, if you’d rather). Just add the spinach closer to the end of cooking since it wilts much faster than Swiss chard.
  • Homemade hummus with navy beans and garbanzo beans
    • I do not have a recipe for that online yet, but I have in the past just blended navy beans, garbanzo beans, avocado oil, lemon juice, herbs, and paprika together to make a hummus for my daughter to dip her veggie crisps in.
    • Navy beans are a white bean, so they are high in calcium.
  • Indian Fry Bread tacos occasionally
    • See my blog here, for the recipe.


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A Nuisance to Society

I recently had a conversation with someone who complained to me about a nuisance they had in their life. A nuisance who was an inconvenience to this person’s lifestyle. Why? They were needy. How dare they fall into hard times and not have enough money to care for themselves? How dare they lose someone they love and struggle now to provide for their family? How dare they have children with needs or have health issues themselves that limit what they can do to provide? What a nuisance.

And what about Joe down the street that lives in a trailer park? Speaking of those nuisances to society and to my life, that trailer park really is an eye sore. But do you know Joe? The guy who lost his job because of a battle with cancer. The guy who had no family to help when he became disabled and lost his home. The guy who is in constant pain, barely surviving off of his disability check, and rarely able to make it to the store to buy what he needs with it. The guy who has lost it all and is just trying to survive within the means that he has until the cancer finally takes his life. A nuisance.

When did the less fortunate among us become so odious to those of us who just happen to have more? We did not make the air we breathe, or the water we drink, and yet we ALL need them to survive. Some of us may be more financially well off. Some of us may live in a nice house on a hill with a view–like myself. But how does that make me better than Joe? Why is my house so much nicer to look at? Because it’s more expensive? If we’re honest with ourselves, how do we define a “nice” neighborhood? Is it not how expensive the houses look and how well “kept up” they are because this and that homeowner could afford a gardener? Does it not all revolve around how much money we have? And yet someone like Joe is more genuine, kind, and caring than most human beings who live in those houses with a view. He has more life experience. He has actually been humbled enough to notice others around him.

When did the poor and needy become a nuisance? What ever happened to caring for those in need; not looking down on them. What ever happened to compassion? For a society that claims this “right” and that for all these different groups, and equality in all things, what are we actually doing to provide equality? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about giving up all of your money per se. It all starts with an attitude.

If we truly wanted to help the needy, it would not be for political gain, to make me feel good about myself, or to look better in the eyes of others. It would be because I CARE for the person I’m helping. It would be because I see myself as EQUAL to them. Different circumstances, sure, but human. We are all human. We are all frail in one way or another. And in one way or another, we are all odious to someone. We all have our failures and our shortcomings.

That is compassion. Not looking at Joe’s trailer as an eye sore, but seeing him as a fellow human being who has a much harder life than I do. Someone who is just like me–just living within his means and trying to survive this world of hate and deception that so deceitfully pretends to care.

Try that on for size. Don’t just help someone. CARE for someone. See them as your equal, no matter what their circumstances are or how much money they have. I dare you: have compassion on your fellow human beings.

The NEVER-ENDING Diaper Rash!!

Has your child ever experienced a diaper rash? Most babies will at some point experience a rash, for one reason or another, and they usually heal in a matter of hours or a couple days. For yeast rash, it may take a doctor’s visit and some prescription cream, but it should still clear up after a week or so, right?  Yeah, for the normal baby… Not for my daughter!


Diapers Problems from the Beginning

My daughter has had problems with rashes since she was in size 1 diapers.  Huggies gave her pretty bad rashes every time we used them. We tried numerous other kinds and she always ended up breaking out in a rash. Her doctor said that what she was experiencing was some type of allergy to the diapers because she was always able to wear the diapers for a few days before the redness started. And then the redness would turn into an actual rash, and it would continue to get worse until I changed the kind of diaper she was wearing.  We finally found Pampers Sensitive worked best with her.

And Pampers worked great until she was old enough to drink water and became a heavy wetter. Then they turned into a gross mess. The pee would basically “sweat” out of the diapers like sweat on a glass of ice tea and then they would leak.. and fall apart (literally).  So I tried a number of other diapers, but I just couldn’t find anything that didn’t make her break out; and I swore I would NEVER use cloth diapers.. they’re gross, a lot of work, and just weird!  So I just dealt with Pampers Sensitive, until she grew out of size 4. Yep, seriously, they don’t sell them past size 4. Why would you do that to me Pampers??!!  My only other option was the very expensive Gentle Care (which is basically the same diaper as Pampers Sensitive, but it is exclusive to Target and they actually sell size 5. But for the horrible quality that they were, the leaks we kept having, and the money we had to spend for them, they just were not a long term solution.


The Beginning of Cloth Diapers

So I finally had no choice but to start using cloth diapers. And if you are considering using them, I would HIGHLY recommend Wegreeco diapers from Amazon. They are way cheaper than the average cloth diapers, great quality in my opinion, and they work really great. Just DO NOT “strip” them. I’m sorry, but in my opinion, stripping diapers is nonsense.  Just use regular detergent that is free of fragrances and use enough to clean them and you really don’t need to do anything else.

Once I learned that, I realized that cloth diapers weren’t so bad after all. Just follow the manufacturers instructions. If you’re baby gets a rash, use diaper liners temporarily. You can buy those on Amazon too.  I didn’t use the liners and ended up with with cream on the diapers, so I tried washing them in hot water (against the manufacturing instructions). This completely ruined them as pocket diapers. But before I ruined them, they worked really well.  I also use Gerber bath rags for wipes. I just wet them with water and throw them in with the diaper inserts when I wash them. It makes everything easier and it is one less thing to wonder about when she gets a rash.


And the Rash Begins

I used cloth diapers on my daughter for a good few months with no major rash problems. She had some rashes here and there when she would get diarrhea from food (check out my blog on food allergies for more info on that), but they were always gone by the next day.  Then, one day, a rash started as usual from an episode of diarrhea and I treated it as I usually would. But it continued to get worse. Every day it got worse. The doctor prescribed Nystatin in case it was yeast, and we tried that for a few days along with oatmeal baths and constant diaper changes. And I had to revert back to disposables for a short time so I could cake on the cream.

But for most of the day, I just let her run around naked. I tried to keep her contained on the tile floor as much as possible for when she had an accident, and I just had to keep cleaning up after her; but I didn’t care as long as it worked.  The nurse told me that if it was yeast, the best thing I could do was let her run around naked. Well, it continued to get worse.

So we went in to see her doctor. He thought it was her diaper allergy acting up since I was using the disposables (Pampers Gentle Care, now called Pampers Pure), and that I should just use the cloth and put hydrocortisone cream on the rash to help it go away.  So we did that and continued to let her run around naked for a couple days.  It STILL got worse. The rash was so bad at this point that it started oozing. It was AWFUL! It brought me to tears to see something like that on my child!

So I took her in again and a different doctor told me it was definitely a very bad yeast infection and that I should try treating her with Monistat (please ask a doctor before trying this though, there is a right and wrong one to use, but I don’t remember exactly at this point). She told me the rash should clear up quickly with the Monistat and should be completely gone by day 3.  So I continued to let her run around naked and and I tried treating her with monistat for FIVE days. It improved some, but never went away. And then it started getting worse again.

Finally, her doctor saw us again and he basically said that although the other doctor meant well, it clearly was not a yeast infection because it was not in the folds of her skin. He told me that I did not use the hydrocortisone cream long enough because it takes at least a couple days of application before it would actually start to work. He also referred us to a dermatologist, but they were–of course–booked for over a month. I continued with the hydrocortisone cream, and I did see some improvement, but the rash still just would NOT go away!

A Useless Dermatologist Visit

After a month, we finally got in to see the dermatologist. He looked at the pictures I had taken of the rash, looked at the rash she still had at the time, and gave me his conclusion. Clearly, the problem was that I don’t change her diapers often enough. He said it was “Irritant Contact Dermatitis”, not yeast, or anything to be concerned about… I just needed to change her diapers more often.  “Seriously?” I said, “Did you not hear me say that I let her run around naked for 2 weeks??  I change her VERY often! Half the time she is not even wet, or she is barely wet when I change her!” But, nope, that wasn’t good enough. Clearly, she just needed more diaper changes. And that’s all I got out of that visit. That and the fact that this was the worst rash he had ever seen. Apparently I am the worst diaper changer ever!


Finally an Answer!!

So I called the nurse at my daughter’s doctor’s office and told her how the appointment went.  She was just about as frustrated as I was and relayed it to the doctor, who penciled me in for another appointment.  He took another look at the rash and again said that it seems like an allergic reaction to him.  He told me to stop using disposables altogether, but I explained to him that the cream will mess up cloth diapers (I had kind of already messed them up at this point). And he gave me this confused look and said, “Wait, are you not using cotton diapers?” So I explained to him that most diapers are not really cotton anymore, they are made of bamboo and all sorts of other materials so they can be thin and still absorbent.  So he told me to try cotton ONLY.

Well, I already had the pocket diapers and there was NO WAY I was going to buy a whole new set of diapers, so I just went to Walmart and bought some Gerber 100% cotton prefold diapers.  I placed them in the diapers (not in the pocket, just laying on the diaper). I also started using Lanolin as a barrier cream because it easily washes out of cotton diapers if you wash them in hot water.

At this point, after THREE months of dealing with this horrible, never-ending rash and no answers.. FINALLY it went away!!  We actually had a party celebrating the end of her rash (I’m not kidding). It was such a relief!  So, it turns out, her doctor was right the whole time. It WAS a skin allergy.

We later saw an allergy doctor, who after testing confirmed that my daughter has 4 skin allergies, to 2 preservatives, a topical antibiotic, and “fragrance.”  As it turns out, Pampers “Pure” is not so pure after all. They put fragrance on the inside of the diaper that touches the skin. Not only was that aggravating her, but her shampoo had fragrance and one of the preservatives, and the diaper rash creams apparently mask the fragrance under different names (even the “all-natural” or “organic” ones that we tried).  Now it all made sense. Everything we were using was constantly causing an allergic reaction, and the more things we used (Pampers, rash cream, shampoo), the worse it became.

Now, we only use the cotton inserts during the day. I just fold them in the opposite direction of the actual folds and set them in the diapers. It works great. We have yet to have another rash at all, and these are actually WAY easier to care for than the normal cloth diapers. I wash the inserts and rags that I use as wipes separate from the covers so I can wash them in hot water.  I use Arm & Hammer Sensitive laundry detergent, which has worked the best in my experience. Even though the cotton inserts are bigger and bulkier, my daughter doesn’t mind them and I rarely have leaks anymore; but most importantly we are rash free!!

At night we use Honest diapers. Initially, I thought these were just a Hollywood gimmick. But we KEPT having leaks at night with cotton diapers, no matter what kind or how we used them. So, I went out and tried the ONE type of diaper that I had not tried yet: Honest. And to my utter surprise, these are amazing! They do not bother her skin, since they are free of all preservatives and fragrances (and even plastics, if you are one of those moms that likes things to be “all-natural”).  And they look super cute! Not to mention, they are WAY better quality than Pampers anyway.  The only downside is the price. They are worth every penny by all accounts, but they are very expensive. Some people may be able to buy in bundles with wipes and have significant savings, but we can’t because my daughter is sensitive to the wipes (flower extracts=fragrance for her). So, we just use them at night. But I will HIGHLY recommend giving Honest diapers a try if your little one has rash problems.



If your baby has a rash that just will NOT go away, maybe it is a skin allergy.  Ask your doctor, of course, but try cotton inserts and/or Honest diapers. The inserts are cheap at Walmart, and may be a simple solution. If not, you won’t lose much.  If anything you’ve read here was helpful for you, please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!