Food You Can Buy (GF, EF, NF, DF, SF)

Here are a few staples that we keep in our house for snacks or quick sides, etc. that are allergen free.



The quinoa puffs and veggie crisps help add grain to a limited diet, and my daughter LOVES these spicy ones!



These lentil chips are a great snack because they have protein and nutrients that other chips don’t; so they are great to have on the go! The veggie strips are mostly potatoes, but still a tasty treat 🙂



These sausages work really well for lunchtime, or a quick snack to take on the road. I heat them up in a bowl full of water and pull the skins off (makes it easier for a toddler to chew).  My daughter loves these. But you have to be really careful with the artichoke & garlic one. I have found SO many pieces of cartilage, or something that is really hard in EVERY link I have had so I check those very thoroughly before giving them to my daughter.



I buy these sausages at Walmart. They are by far the best quality that I have found: simply meat and spices. No weird additives. And they taste really good. My daughter loves the pork!



These little tater tot things are great. I just microwave them for a few seconds and then stick them in the toaster oven on foil until they get crispy.  dr. Praeger’s also has a Southwest Hashbrown option. Those are my daughter’s favorite. For her limited diet, the dietitian says she considers potatoes a grain and they are nice and high in calories, which growing kids need, so these are a great option.




For sandwiches or just finger foods, these lunch meats work great. My daughter loves the ham. The ranch dressing is also great addition to your available condiments. It helps my daughter eat her veggies when she just doesn’t really feel like eating them. I add to her wraps and tacos also.




This is the ONLY soup I have found that my daughter can tolerate. It is great to have around for those nights when you just don’t have time to make anything. Or if you are going out eat, you can take these along pretty easily.


There is not much else that I have found to buy for my daughter (rather than cook from scratch), but these few things are staples in our household!  This is not an exhausted list, but it sums up what we normally buy. I hope this is helpful!


If this is helpful for you, please like, share, or comment! 

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